How to make coffee filter angel wings

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Supplies Coffee filters Cardboard / cereal box Glue White Ribbon Scissors Method Draw the shape of one angel wing on half of your cardboard. Fold the cardboard in half then cut out your wings making sure to leave a ‘bridge’ in the centre. Glue the ribbon in place so you can tie the wings to […]

California Delicious $50 Gift Card Giveaway – US Only ends 12/02


Welcome to the California Delicious $50 Gift Card Giveaway Hosted by Gone Klippin’ Krazy and group of great bloggers! Sponsored by California Delicious This Giveaway Ends 12/02/14 11:59 PM EST If the measure of a good gift is the amount of pleasure you receive from it, then California Delicious has perfected gift giving. Picture a […]

How to make a Nativity Scene Sensory Bin


I have so many memories of being a kid at Christmas time. I loved watching as our own nativity set was carefully unpacked and each porcelain piece gently being removed from the tissue paper & bubble wrapping. Each piece placed safely in the manger…

A Big Thumbs Down for Big Mouth Masks

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We jumped at the chance to review Big Mouth Masks. The kids & I had seen the TV ad’s and they looked so silly – but fun silly. So when the call went out for volunteers I was at my keyboard like a flash and signed us up straight away. What are Big Mouth Masks? […]

Shaggy Chic Tee Shirts Giveaway – US only ends 12/07


Welcome to our Shaggy Chic T-Shirt of the Month Club Sweepstakes   Hosted By Tammie’s Reviews, Giveaways and More and Queen of Savings. and Sponsored By Shaggy Chic If you are a pet lover and wear t-shirts, My guess is that you have a t-shirt or 2 with an animal on it. Shaggy Chic Apparel […]

Evgie Wall Decals Giveaway – CAN & US ends 12/10


  Welcome to Evgie Wall Decal $150 gift code Giveaway. Hosted by Bonkers4coupons Evgie Wall Decal offers over 100 wall decals and murals. On their Etsy store website ,you will find beautiful wall decals for every room in your home. From their nursery wall decals to their amazing Family Tree murals. Each design that is […]

The Frozen Fan Gift Guide

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I don’t know about your little girls (and big ones too!) but our little one is still desperately in love with all things Frozen. It doesn’t matter what it is – dolls, games, dress-up clothes, cups – if it has Frozen on it then she would like it. All of our family members live elsewhere […]