Eveys Bestest Chocolate Chip Cookies

Eveys best chocolate chip cookies

More than anything else, Evey loves to bake. Every weekend we spend half of Saturday & half of Sunday in the kitchen together, mixing, decorating and cleaning up. Maybe her favourite thing to bake is a batch of chocolate chip cookies – not because they are for her, but because she likes to make them [...]

Math Skills Every Kindergartener Needs to Master

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Kindergarten is the first year your child will attend school. During this year, your little one will be introduced to many new skills in both reading and math. These skills will serve as an important foundation in the coming school years. Getting the basics right at this stage not only helps your child academically but [...]

Butterfly Cake Recipe


These are the most popular cakes in our house! These examples were made for Valentines Day but you do not need the heart candies. You can color and flavor the cake or butter icing to personalise the cakes or make them match any theme you have. Ingredients Cakes 1/2 Cup of  butter or margarine, softened [...]

How to Save Money on School Supplies

How to save money on school supplies

1. Check your school supply list This should always be your starting point. It’s easy to go out and buy a little bit of everything only to have it hanging around the house for months on end because nobody needs it. So remember – find out what your little ones need before you start making [...]