My Top Ten Reasons why Autism is Awesome

Many pieces are written, and many hours are spent bemoaningthe difficulties of living with autism; for both the person diagnosed withautism & for their family. I myself have been known to bitch about howunfair it is that our boys should have to deal with the additional hurdles inlife that autism places in their paths. However [...]

Family Fall Fun – Bucket List

Fall Family Fun Bucket List

It is easy to get caught up in the rhythms and routines of life. The ‘things to do’ list gets longer every week, you have to juggle 37 things at once and there are always so many drains on your time. It often feels like to spend any time at all with your family, you [...]

Coconut Flour Recipes for Fall

Coconut Flour recipes for fall

Many people find that using coconut flour can result in a crumbly, dry texture to their baking, but by using plenty of liquid & eggs for binding, you can produce scrumptious, light, moist cakes and breads. If you have never worked with it before – a few words of caution- do not try to substitute [...]

Loving my kids & the Joys of Autism

Like all parents (well the vast majority anyway) I do, of course, love all of my children. Through the all night screaming (theirs not mine), toddler tantrums, the teenage angst and now, the wedding planning jitters it goes without saying that my love for each of them is unwavering. But there is something different in [...]